the blue bus

In 2015, Kiley Sutter converted a 1969 VW bus into a mobile bicycle repair vehicle with beer taps built into it. 

How do you make one of the most iconic vehicles ever made even more iconic? That’s the question that began the story of VeloWagon, Kansas City’s most unique event vehicle ever and the pre-curser to the Velo Garage.  The answer (like most great answers) came to us after an evening of bike riding and a few beers. 

What started out as a standard issue, stock 1969 VW bus, was transformed into the first beer bus in KC. 

about the velo garage

Velo Garage and Tap House is the result of years of cycling around the US on vacations and visiting some of the coolest bike and beer shops in the country.  After seeing his first shop that combined bikes and beer, Kiley Sutter couldn’t wait for something similar to come to KC.  

Finally in 2016, after a few years of piloting the concept with the VeloWagon, he made the decision to bring the concept to life.  He shared the idea with a few friends and it wasn’t long before he and his friend, and now business partner, Steve Borden began the long process of demo and build out of an empty space in North Kansas City.  In the fall of 2016, Vincent Rodriguez and Marco DeAngelis of Velo Plus were looking for a way to expand their footprint to service and sell more bikes in KC.  Given a great working relationship between Kiley and Vincent during the early days of the VeloWagon, it was a natural fit to have them become part of the Velo Garage and Tap House concept by providing their level of top notch service and expertise in NKC. 

We love what we do. We hope you love what we do and come by to say hi, grab a beer, ride a bike and make some new friends.